Tuesday, February 26, 2013

December's Happenings

December was full of family fun times!  Among the regular Christmas type activities like baking, crafts, going Christmas caroling, trimming the tree and decorating the house, reading our special Christmas books, watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" EVERY single day, we tried our hardest to enjoy lotsa new traditions as well!  

We made our very first Angle Ninja Bread house (so dubbed by Ezra)
We took a little trip to the North Pole via the Polar Express train.  We loved the cookies, hot chocolate, the super fun train ride & story time, but most of all we loved the magical time we spent as a family waiting for Santa Claus to come aboard and say "hello".
We added a new family member to our house for the month of December.  Silly Silas visited us each night and had fun planning and executing his shannigans.  Ezra asked where Si was each morning and had fun looking for him. Sometimes he even predicated what Silly Si was going to do next! :)
We played outside as much as possible and had fun picking out a Christmas tree, going to and siging Christmas hymns at church, playing with and spending time with family and going to the Nutcracker.
The kids were spoiled beyond belief for Christmas.  It keeps getting funner and funner though! It truly is my favorite time of the year.  I love everything about it.  The family, the food, the weather, the kindness that's tangible wherever you go.  I hope we can carry the Spirit of Christmas in our home all year round!
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Francis E. Harper said, “Every mother should endeavor to be a true artist. I do not mean by this that every women should be a painter, sculptor, musician, poet or writer, but the artist who will write on the table of childish innocence thoughts she will not blush to see read in the light of eternity and printed amid the archives of heaven. That the young may learn to wear them as amulets around their hearts and throw them as bulwarks around their lives. And that in the hour of temptation and trial the voices from home may linger around their paths as angels of guidance, around their steps, and be incentives to deeds of high and holy worth.”